Monday, April 6, 2009

what are we thinking?

We parents love our kids and would do anything for them right?But where do we draw the line?Does it mean that we should give in to their every want?
Today at dinner, two of my boys ages 8 and 9 were talking again about how they don't have the latest and greatest.One was declaring it was time for a new Ipod Nano(he currently has a DS and a shuffle) while the other just decided he was no longer interested in the DS he got for Christmas. Frustrated with these remarks, I told them that they were keeping what they have and are NOT getting anything new! Of course they were upset and both were in tears complaining that the others reasons weren't as important as their own.
Fortunately, we are not in the income bracket that allows for frivolous spending so we can use that in our argument.However, being the only kids on the block that "don't get a weekly allowance or get paid for doing their chores" only confirmed to them that we are neglecting their needs. Oh, Ok.
I love going back and pointing out all the things they "don't have" in their room. The nice home we live in, our loving Christ centered family, our church and so on.Then in a tactful way, of course, I reminded the little darlings about the kids who don't have shoes and socks or a table to sit at to eat. Or, those who don't have food! All the people who are out of work, losing their homes and living under bridges. For now, they seemed to get it. Well, my more religous child of the two and I started talking about ways to make money to give to the poor by holding a fundraiser. We could make cookies to sell...we sat and brainstormed. The more we talked the larger the tasks seemed to pull this off...He decided we should just have garage sale to make money for the poor. That way we could just sell stuff. Oh, and we could keep some of the money right? Ah well, small steps. His heart is truly in the right place. =)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

learn to speak Spanish for FREE

I have considered buying a kit to learn another language.
Figuring Spanish is the new American language, it would be a good idea to learn that lovely language.
But wait, do I really need to buy anything??
Why, I realized I am learning the lang. just by dialing a 1-800 number!
I called Poison Control a while back and the recording asked me to press 1 for English!
Im glad I wasn't in super panic mode and didn't accidently press 2!
But when I think about it, why not press 1 for English (or in some cases, just stay on the line), then go back and press 2 for the translation! You are learning a new language for free!
No need to thank me for that bit of info., just thank our government.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving' 08 and on with the show...

Another day in the land of many.
What a great Thanksgiving we had. My sister and her 2 kids stayed at my house while her husband with a bad back stayed at a hotel. As it turns out, he is more comfortable in a hotel "standard" bed than a 2 inch"pillow topper" on a relatively new bed. I can't help but wonder just a bit, if the fact that I have 5 kids with very loud voices help make the "standard" hotel bed a little more comfy. .
Every year we go to my in-laws for Thanksgiving around noon for a good old fashioned country get-together and have a great time talking about hunting, fishing, football and trucks.
Then on to my side of the family. I have 50 first cousins and a whole slew of 2nd cousins.
There, getting a word in edgewise is always makes my day.
Football is always a hot topic and finding out who is engaged, married, or had another child is always interesting.
I had my last child at the age of 40 which really puts my life into perspective. My oldest starts college the same year ('09) as my youngest starts kindergarten. Supposedly having children at an older age keeps a person young.
So far all I see are bags under my eyes.

Tomorrow is my 19th wedding anniversary. I think we are going to basketball practice for two of my sons who play on our church CYO to celebrate. Can't wait!!
This is my first blog.
Just to tell you a little bit more about me...
I have 5 kids ages ranging from 17 down to 4.
I have always lived in the same city in Texas which of course is where I met my husband.
I went to college but was the only one in my family of 6 kids who went and didn't graduate.
I am confirmed in my Christian faith but could use a good glass of wine or a beer every once in a while.
My kids keep me laughing even when they fall down.
I DO believe laughter is the best medicine and after having #5, I realize what a sense of humor God has.

I would love to lose some weight but I struggle a lot with that. I may just wait for that "miracle" pill to be invented.
I have a great time writing children's stories, playing air hockey with my kids, subbing at my youngest's school, working with non- profits, kissing my husband (today he's great, but tomorrow I may be so mad at him, that he becomes the biggest jerk alive), shopping when I can afford to, seeing my friends of 25 years, hanging out at the bus stop with my neighbors, and dancing! I can't sing to save my life but my kids have been blessed with wonder singing voices.
To wrap up today's blog..
I am looking forward to talking about life, marriage, kids and whatever comes to mind.
I'd also love to hear from anyone who may have any questions or comments.

Thanks for visiting.
God bless.